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Welcome Summer! Why Students at ASA Know That A Break from School Isn’t A Break from Learning

Congratulations to all of our students, faculty and staff, educators, and parents here at ASA on making it to Summer Break 2018! We enjoyed a great year of learning, creating, having fun, and continuing the tradition of excellence in education that All Saints Academy is known and loved for in our community. While we are all ready for the relaxation and time away that summer offers, parents, teachers, and students alike know that summer is no reason for the fun of learning to end, and is, in fact, the perfect opportunity to enhance what you’ve been doing all year long in the classroom.

Reading is a huge part of keeping your child’s mind active during the summer months. According to the U.S. Department of Education, each year teachers report students suffering from “summer learning loss,” and unfortunately, it can have long-lasting consequences. Failing to keep your child’s mind engaged over the summer with educational opportunities (especially reading) means they can fall behind. In fact, experts calculate that students who lose reading ability over the summer break period can end up with approximately 3 years of reading loss by the time they reach 5th grade. So, what can we do to protect our children from falling behind while still letting them enjoy their summer vacation? Read to them, read with them, and let them see YOU reading too! Households with a “reading culture” produce students who love to read, and therefore, love to learn. Florida’s own Ann Scott says, “The gift of literacy is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Books can have a profound and lasting impact on the reader and I encourage Florida families to take every opportunity to make reading a part of their daily lives.” One of your greatest tools you’ll employ this summer when establishing a reading culture in your home is a library card. This free resource opens up an entire world to you and your student(s), and allows you to provide them with a blend of both fictional and non-fictional reading material that will keep their minds fed all summer long. Plan to make regular trips to the library, and ask about programs offered to students during the summer at your local branch. Many of them offer incentive programs or clubs with prizes offers for books read, and most libraries in our area also offer a story time for younger children who can’t yet read on their own. Even road trips for your summer travels can become learning opportunities with audio book selections offered through your local branch. These let students of all ages learn about a topic together, and are a huge help for children who may get carsick when trying to read from a book or a tablet screen. Along with reading when thinking of road trips, plan ways to make your summer travels and vacations an immersive learning experience for your student too! Visiting aquariums, zoos, museums, art galleries, historic sites, and more can be a great way for students to make connections between what they learned in the classroom and what they can see/touch/experience on their travels. This type of immersion is a great way to help your student fully understand the subject at hand and remember it in a way only possible with these in-person, real life experiences.

In addition to reading and travel experiences, there are plenty of educational camps and programs in the Central Florida area and beyond. We have an extensive list of summer camp choices right here at ASA, for the youngest K-5 learners all the way through high school. With subjects ranging from Exploration, to Sports, to Fine Arts (including dance and drama), your student is sure to find something they love, and won’t even realize that they are investing in their education in the midst of having a great time. We know that YOU as the parent will see the exponential benefits of these camps for years to come. Older students at the high school level can also use the summer to participate in volunteer projects, internships, and other activities that will go a long way in boosting their resume as they apply for college in the coming years. Local colleges and universities even offer summer courses for students who would like to engage in continued learning during the summer months, and these can be a wonderful opportunity for young people who want to further explore a specific subject, or better master skills they’ll be using in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

We hope all of our families here at All Saints Academy have a wonderful summer vacation, and we can’t wait to see all of you back on campus this Fall. We encourage you to get out there and enjoy the world around you this summer, and take every opportunity to live and learn to the fullest during your time out of the classroom. See you soon!

Rainy Day Fun: Keep Your Kids Entertained No Matter The Weather

Now that summer is here, and the first week of summer vacation is behind us, mothers across Polk County will likely start to hear the familiar whine of “I’m bored!” ringing through their homes.  On most days, thanks to our sunny Florida weather, you can head outdoors and hit up one of our many local playgrounds, preserves, or splash parks to entertain your kids.  Older kids and teens enjoy going to the pool, or even heading to one of our nearby theme parks to burn off the boredom blues and enjoy time with friends. These are all great options…until the weather turns bad.

During this time of year, we usually experience afternoon thunderstorms, and some weeks (like now) we have cloudy, rainy weather almost all day every day.  This is when parents start to feel the walls closing in around them and their kids who are tired of watching television, have read all the books, and eaten all the snacks.  When this happens, it’s time to GET OUT, but where can you go?  Fortunately, Polk County has plenty of indoor options for kids of all ages to have a good time.

Winter Haven residents can head over to Cypress Lanes.  Our local bowling alley has daily specials (find them at that guarantee a great time for you and your kids.  Meet up with a few other families and head over to enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition!  Other nearby opportunities include the Cobb Theatre, where free summer movies are being offered one day each week.  Discount popcorn and drinks are available.  Learn more at

If you’re in Lakeland, there is plenty of indoor fun for you too!  The Cobb in Lakeland is also offering free summer movie showings each week.  If your kids need to burn off energy, 2Infinity ( is a great trampoline experience in North Lakeland where your kids can jump for hours, and enjoy the trapeze, climbing ropes, foam pits, and more.  Want something more suited to younger students?  Explorations V children’s museum in downtown Lakeland ( is a great way to blend fun and education at the same time.

Another great way to keep your kids entertained all summer long?  Our camps here at All Saints Academy!  We are offering day camp experiences of all types, from sport camps like soccer and lacrosse, to scientific studies, theatre, dance, and even readiness camps for the youngest students who are prepping for kindergarten.  Why not let your student have fun and learn at the same time?  It’s not too late to sign up for our upcoming camps.  Visit for information about each camp and instructions on how to register.

No matter the weather, enjoy Summer 2017 with your kids.  Camps at ASA are a great place to start!

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