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Setting Up for A GREAT Summer: 2018 Summer Camps at ASA

All Saints Academy is proud to have a reputation of offering high-quality recreational, instructional, and sports camps each summer for students in and around the Polk County area. This year is no exception, as we gear up for another great season of camps and prepare to welcome campers of all ages onto the All Saints Academy campus for weeks of learning, having fun, and making new friends. This year, our camp selection is better than ever, so check out our list of choices and register online at ( However, there are a few things that each camp has in common, and these elements are what make the ASA day camp experience different from all the rest.

First, ASA camps are convenient. If you’ve ever spent a summer dropping each of your kids off in different locations all over town (and then trying to coordinate the pickup schedule) you know how stressful camps can actually be for the parents. With All Saints, all campers have the same drop-off and pickup location, so you only have to remember one time, one place, and one routine for the duration of your child(ren)’s summer camp. Why can we offer the convenience of one drop-off and pickup? Because we have a wide variety of camp options for the interests and needs of an array of students. From our creative, hands-on choices for the littlest campers, to the expanse of sports, arts, and academic or interest-led camps for older students, there’s something for everyone at ASA.

Another beneficial component of the camps at All Saints Academy is the results of our camps. While some summer programs are “time fillers” for your children, camps at ASA are enriching experiences that offer skill building in soccer, lacrosse, drama, dance, art, science, technology, and more. Your student will come away with expanded knowledge of the topic (specific to the camp they’ve chosen), and the tools to utilize that knowledge as they further their education. Our camp leaders are highly-qualified professionals in the subject matter which they are teaching/coaching, and are dedicated to making your child’s summer not just educational, but FUN!

Finally, All Saints camps give you the unique opportunity to experience our campus and school environment whether or not your child is a student at our school. Have you been considering ASA for your student, but just aren’t sure it’s the right fit? While our summer camps aren’t a direct reflection of a day in the life of a typical school experience (our shadow days do that for potential students! Learn more about that here.), they do make your student familiar with the sights and sounds of the All Saints Academy campus, and will introduce them to some of the staff and leadership at the school. It’s a good first taste of what ASA can offer for your family in a relaxed, short-term setup.

We can’t wait to see all of our campers in just a few short weeks. If you haven’t reserved your child’s spot in one of our many camps yet, you still have time! Register today and make sure your student’s summer will be enriched with the fun and learning that only All Saints Academy can offer. We are here and ready to answer any of your questions about the upcoming camp season, so feel free to give us a call for more information. See you at summer camp!

ASA Serves: Our 2018 Special Olympics

An important aspect of student life at ASA is cultivating a heart of service. Community involvement, volunteer work, and other service-based projects are an integral part of not only our core values, but also our campus environment and education. One of our greatest and most beloved ways of instilling this service-driven mentality into our students is by our annual hosting of the Polk County Special Olympics.
While there are many articles and posts written online about how the Special Olympics benefit and enrich the lives of the participants, we want to give you some insight on how it benefits our students as they serve and volunteer their time and efforts to make the event possible. There are so many wonderful outcomes from time spent volunteering for our Special Olympics including:
  • Learning to celebrate diversity. The Special Olympics give insight that people of all backgrounds, walks of life, and abilities have value and are fully capable of achieving their goals. It’s important for children (and adults) to recognize that we all have varying talents, looks, resources, etc. but we are all an important part of society and the world around us.
  • Aspirations to achieve goals. Our students get to see, firsthand, the goal-driven and inspirational personalities of the various participants in our Special Olympics event. These athletes overcome obstacles, statistics, life circumstances and more to achieve their goals and our own students come away inspired to do their very best and reach their goals as well.
  • Learning to have a servant’s heart. Learning to serve is an important part of learning to be a true leader. By participating in the hosting of our ASA Special Olympics each year, our All Saints students are learning to go through life with the mentality of serving others and enriching the lives of those around them, and that will spill over into their daily life with peers, family, and future relationships.
Thank you to everyone who came out and made our 2018 Special Olympics so wonderful. We are so appreciative of the hard work and countless hours spent by volunteers to make it successful, and we know all participants and their families are thankful as well. We are already looking forward to Special Olympics 2019!

Meet the New Staff at ASA: Getting to Know Coach Stuart Weiss

We are thankful for our excellent team of teachers, coaches, and staff that make All Saints Academy one of Polk County’s best educational opportunities. One of those valued team members is Stuart Weiss, our Athletic Director and Head Football Coach who joined ASA in the summer of 2017. From his first day as a Saint, Coach Weiss got to work to preparing the student athletes for a successful year. His efforts certainly paid off, as our Fall Sports teams had tremendous results, with a second Football State Championship title, and players from both the Golf team and the Swim/Dive team heading to the state level of competition. Not bad for the first semester at ASA!

So who is Coach Weiss? The son of a career military father, he felt a strong pull towards serving and protecting his community, and worked as a law enforcement officer for 20 years. Following retirement from the police force, Coach Weiss returned to school and earned a degree in religion and criminal justice from Liberty University.

Coach Weiss’s coaching career began at Cambridge Christian School in Tampa before continuing to Seffner Christian Academy where, along with coaching football, he taught PE, religion, and high school elective courses. He became president of the Sunshine State Athletic Conference and accepted the opportunity to serve as the Head coach of International Community School of Orlando. Through his work with the Sunshine State Athletic Conference, he worked with Coach Hollway and became familiar with ASA’s athletic program; that knowledge helped him hit the ground running when he joined the All Saints Academy family in July.

Coach Weiss and his wife, Joanna, live in Valrico and enjoy an active lifestyle with their 5 sons, ranging in ages from 8 to 27 years old. They enjoy family trips to the beach or the lake when they have down time. In his pre-coaching life, Stuart enjoyed racing cars. Some other fun facts about our own Coach Weiss:

When asked about plans for the future, Coach Weiss shared his excitement as our student athletes continue to represent the Saints with integrity and good sportsmanship – and he anticipates additional championships to come! We are thankful to have Coach Weiss here as part of the ASA family, and look forward to seeing our student athletes achieve excellence under his leadership.

Want to learn more about athletics at All Saints Academy? Check our our school athletics web site for information on coaches, teams, and upcoming competitions.

Kickoff BBQ 2017: Building Community One Plate at A Time

Our annual Booster Club Kickoff BBQ is tomorrow night, Friday September 22nd, and we can’t wait to see everyone for good times, great food, and some friendly competition at the football game following the cookout (Go Saints!). We are starting things off at 5:00PM and you won’t want to be late! While we are looking forward to the food certainly, the fellowship with fellow ASA families and faculty, alumni, and people throughout the Polk County community is what we are most excited about. Events such as our Kickoff BBQ are a great time to enjoy the togetherness that makes All Saints Academy so special, and following recent events with Hurricane Irma and her resulting devastation, there is no better time to celebrate those that rallied around our school to give us a hand up as we all attempt to rebuild together.

The Kickoff BBQ isn’t just a “cookout”, but rather, is a catered event thanks to the Terrace Hotel in Lakeland. They have been so generous to provide the food for this year’s BBQ, and have been so helpful in making sure the evening is successful. Plates will include some delicious options, and tickets are still being sold on campus, so snag yours before they sell out! You don’t want to lose out on this event.

Following the BBQ is the Saints vs. Bulldogs game here on the ASA campus, so purchase your tickets for that as well and continue the fun and fellowship inside the stadium! After a great dinner, you’ll be ready to cheer them on as they try to pull out a victory for All Saints Academy. Note: the tickets to the game are NOT included in price of the BBQ tickets, and must be purchased separately. The game starts at 7PM so you have plenty of time to enjoy the BBQ and still get great seats for the football action.

Thank you to all who have made this event possible this year, as we rebuild from Hurricane Irma and continue forward with our local community here in Central Florida. We as a school have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from not only our ASA families and faculty, but by those in and around our area who aren’t directly involved with our school on a daily basis. This support is how we can make tomorrow night’s event happen, and we are grateful beyond words.

See you at the BBQ!

2017 Summer Camps at ASA

Now that Spring Break is behind us, many of us here in Polk County have summer on the brain, and we are gearing up for fun vacations with family, soaking up the sun, and resting up after another successful school year.  Many parents also use the summer months as a way to enrich their children’s educations with various camps and activities that continue the fun of learning outside of the classroom.  All Saints Academy is a popular choice for summer camps each year, because it allows children from throughout our community, whether an ASA student or not, to enjoy time with our fully qualified counselors and instructors, and spend their days on our campus.

Camps at ASA are of varying lengths, are open to differing age groups, and have an array of subjects and activities to choose from.  Our sports camps focus on soccer, football, cheerleading, or lacrosse and, depending on the sport, are offered to children starting as young as Kindergarten.  Pre-K and Kindergarten students can enjoy our day camps where they will participate in outside activities, arts and crafts projects, fun with friends, and more.  These camps also focus on Kindergarten readiness skills, so you know your child’s summer is being instrumental in preparing them for the following school year.

For elementary students and middle school students, our Recreational and Instructional camps are a huge hit!  Grades 1-5 can participate in Discovery Camps where we cover topics such as crime scene investigation, nutrition and health, space and planetary studies, and even physics.  Rising and current middle school students can choose from instructional camps focusing on engineering, drama, digital media, or even video game design.  The learning opportunities are endless!

If you are interested in signing your student up for one or more of our upcoming summer opportunities, check out our list and register your student here.  We can’t wait to see you this summer at All Saints Academy!

Be YOUR Best: Athletics at ASA

All Saints Academy is known throughout Central Florida for our pursuit of excellence in education by including the arts, science, technology, and intense mathematics into our rigorous curriculum from PreSchool through Twelfth Grade.  Our focus on excellence in every area of learning also includes our Athletics Department (found here), and we encourage our student-athletes to compete not against one another, but against themselves.  Our goal is for every young person to achieve his/her personal best as a student, an athlete, and a citizen in our society.

This encouragement brings about success in many areas, recently evidenced when our ASA football team won the state championships for our division here in Florida.  Our student-athletes regularly advance to district, regional, and state competitions and receive accolades and recognition for individual and team achievements.  Accomplishments like these not only benefit our school, but also each member of the team.  Winning games, qualifiers, and championships leads to being noticed by colleges and that has turned into scholarship opportunities for several of our student-athletes.

The key point we want our student-athletes to understand is that even their sporting abilities and gifts can be used to benefit those around them, and that pursuing their own personal best extends beyond a field or a court and will impact the rest of their lives.  We encourage all of our students to show support for one another and synergize whenever possible.  A great example of this idea is our upcoming Green-to-Green-Challenge.  This fun golf scramble allows our athletic department, students, and community to come together for a greater cause.  The tournament will raise money in support of our Athletic Department, and allow ASA to continue to provide top of the line equipment for our teams.  Our student-athletes, families, and YOU can play a part by supporting and/or participating in this event.

If you have questions about the athletics here at ASA, or would like to know more about our upcoming golf tournament, feel free to contact Coach Rob Hollway!  Thank you to all of our student-athletes and their families who spend hours on the road, in the bleachers, and on the field to make our school successful.

Go Saints!

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