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Making ASA Accessible to More Families

All Saints Academy is proud to be one of the top private, independent schools in the Central Florida area. Because private schools operate on tuition dollars, many assume it isn’t an option for their families. While tuition is a factor in having your child(ren) come to ASA, we never want it to be the reason you don’t apply. We believe that every student can reach their highest potential, and that our world-class faculty and facilities can play a role in that achievement. So we look for every opportunity to assist families who wish to be part of the ASA community.

Did you know?

ASA accepts two scholarships offered through the School Choice Program in Florida. The McKay scholarship is awarded to students with special needs, and allows parents to pick a school based on the environment, curriculum, and educators that will work best for their child. You can learn more about the McKay Scholarship here. The FTC (Florida Tax Credit) scholarship, also known as Step Up For Students, is an income-based scholarship that awards up to $7,111 per child for the 2018-2019 school year. Learn more about the FTC option here. Again, each of these financial aid options are all about putting the power in the hands of parents when it comes to making the best educational choices for their children.

Do you have a rising 6th or 9th grader?

All Saints Academy hosts a Merit Scholarship Competition each year for any rising 6th or 9th grader interested in attending our school. The award is based on student performance during a morning of testing. Once awarded, the scholarship will be given to the student throughout their tenure at ASA as long as they maintain a specified GPA. Keep an eye on our website at to watch for the announcement of the 2018-2019 Merit Scholarship Competition.

Other tuition assistance may be available as well. When you schedule your initial tour of All Saints, be sure to ask our Admissions team about the types of tuition assistance or scholarships you might qualify for.

We want to see students of all ages, from all backgrounds, join us at All Saints Academy. Our diverse student population and bright minds are why we have earned the reputation of being the #1 private school in Polk County, and we make it our goal to continue that legacy. Can you see your child at ASA? We can! Contact us and get started with the process today for the 2018-2019 school year.

Setting Up for A GREAT Summer: 2018 Summer Camps at ASA

All Saints Academy is proud to have a reputation of offering high-quality recreational, instructional, and sports camps each summer for students in and around the Polk County area. This year is no exception, as we gear up for another great season of camps and prepare to welcome campers of all ages onto the All Saints Academy campus for weeks of learning, having fun, and making new friends. This year, our camp selection is better than ever, so check out our list of choices and register online at ( However, there are a few things that each camp has in common, and these elements are what make the ASA day camp experience different from all the rest.

First, ASA camps are convenient. If you’ve ever spent a summer dropping each of your kids off in different locations all over town (and then trying to coordinate the pickup schedule) you know how stressful camps can actually be for the parents. With All Saints, all campers have the same drop-off and pickup location, so you only have to remember one time, one place, and one routine for the duration of your child(ren)’s summer camp. Why can we offer the convenience of one drop-off and pickup? Because we have a wide variety of camp options for the interests and needs of an array of students. From our creative, hands-on choices for the littlest campers, to the expanse of sports, arts, and academic or interest-led camps for older students, there’s something for everyone at ASA.

Another beneficial component of the camps at All Saints Academy is the results of our camps. While some summer programs are “time fillers” for your children, camps at ASA are enriching experiences that offer skill building in soccer, lacrosse, drama, dance, art, science, technology, and more. Your student will come away with expanded knowledge of the topic (specific to the camp they’ve chosen), and the tools to utilize that knowledge as they further their education. Our camp leaders are highly-qualified professionals in the subject matter which they are teaching/coaching, and are dedicated to making your child’s summer not just educational, but FUN!

Finally, All Saints camps give you the unique opportunity to experience our campus and school environment whether or not your child is a student at our school. Have you been considering ASA for your student, but just aren’t sure it’s the right fit? While our summer camps aren’t a direct reflection of a day in the life of a typical school experience (our shadow days do that for potential students! Learn more about that here.), they do make your student familiar with the sights and sounds of the All Saints Academy campus, and will introduce them to some of the staff and leadership at the school. It’s a good first taste of what ASA can offer for your family in a relaxed, short-term setup.

We can’t wait to see all of our campers in just a few short weeks. If you haven’t reserved your child’s spot in one of our many camps yet, you still have time! Register today and make sure your student’s summer will be enriched with the fun and learning that only All Saints Academy can offer. We are here and ready to answer any of your questions about the upcoming camp season, so feel free to give us a call for more information. See you at summer camp!

ASA Serves: Our 2018 Special Olympics

An important aspect of student life at ASA is cultivating a heart of service. Community involvement, volunteer work, and other service-based projects are an integral part of not only our core values, but also our campus environment and education. One of our greatest and most beloved ways of instilling this service-driven mentality into our students is by our annual hosting of the Polk County Special Olympics.
While there are many articles and posts written online about how the Special Olympics benefit and enrich the lives of the participants, we want to give you some insight on how it benefits our students as they serve and volunteer their time and efforts to make the event possible. There are so many wonderful outcomes from time spent volunteering for our Special Olympics including:
  • Learning to celebrate diversity. The Special Olympics give insight that people of all backgrounds, walks of life, and abilities have value and are fully capable of achieving their goals. It’s important for children (and adults) to recognize that we all have varying talents, looks, resources, etc. but we are all an important part of society and the world around us.
  • Aspirations to achieve goals. Our students get to see, firsthand, the goal-driven and inspirational personalities of the various participants in our Special Olympics event. These athletes overcome obstacles, statistics, life circumstances and more to achieve their goals and our own students come away inspired to do their very best and reach their goals as well.
  • Learning to have a servant’s heart. Learning to serve is an important part of learning to be a true leader. By participating in the hosting of our ASA Special Olympics each year, our All Saints students are learning to go through life with the mentality of serving others and enriching the lives of those around them, and that will spill over into their daily life with peers, family, and future relationships.
Thank you to everyone who came out and made our 2018 Special Olympics so wonderful. We are so appreciative of the hard work and countless hours spent by volunteers to make it successful, and we know all participants and their families are thankful as well. We are already looking forward to Special Olympics 2019!

Grandfriends Day at ASA! Celebrating Generations of Love and Support

Parental support for students is a topic widely discussed in the educational world today, and it’s no secret that students who feel supported by adults in the home perform better and more easily achieve success in their endeavors. However, support can come from many other avenues as well, and one major outlet for many students of all ages are grandparents, or “grandfriends” (older, influential adults in their lives). This support system is unique in that it offers children a broader perspective from someone who has lived longer, and experienced more, than younger influential adults in the students’ lives, and that is invaluable when teaching the next generation about the world around them.

There are many ways you can support this multi-generational influence in the life of your own child, including:

  • Scheduling time for your child(ren) to spend with grandparents. Whether this is a routine meal out together, having them visit on a regular basis, or planning activities for your child to do with them, be intentional in including the older generation in your daily life.
  • Finding “grandfriends” if your child is unable to interact with their biological grandparents due to distance or other circumstances. In your community, church, local clubs and organizations, etc. you can find older adults who would love the opportunity to spend time with the up-and-coming generation of young people. This could be a great time to not only benefit your child, but also brighten the days of someone who might not have grandchildren or family nearby who want to be involved. It’s a mutual benefit!
  • Encouraging attendance at events (like ASA’s upcoming Grandfriends Day) when possible. Your support demonstrates to your student that you value multi-generational involvement, and that people of all ages are important for learning and experiencing life.

Grandfriends Day is a beloved tradition here at All Saints Academy. We enjoy seeing multi-generational interactions amongst our students and their visiting family and friends, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to show our special visitors how much we appreciate the support our students receive from them.

We look forward to welcoming grandparents and grandfriends to our campus for GrandsFriends Days later this week! Middle and Upper School students are celebrating February 15th at 2:00 PM beginning in the Pou Chapel, and our Lower School will be hosting GrandFriends on February 16th at 8:30 AM in the Lower School Gathering Hall. Mark your calendars and join us for a great time!


Reason to Give: How the Halo Fund Helps ASA Serve Our Community

All Saints Academy is well known throughout Central Florida for offering the very best in independent education for students in and around the Polk County area. Our goal is to give children the brightest future possible in their chosen field, and we are fortunate that our tuition assistance funds make it possible for All Saints Academy to open our doors to students of all backgrounds. As an independent school, we do not receive government funding but instead rely upon tuition fees and the generous donations from our community who believe in our mission to inspire independent thinkers, principled leaders, and humbler learners.

That generosity is evident each year through the Halo Fund at ASA. The Halo Fund is the philanthropic embodiment of community at All Saints Academy. Board members, staff, parents, alumni, and even parents of alumni come together to meet the needs of the school with their willing hands and giving hearts. This fund helps us offer the creative, challenging, and community-oriented education our families know and love. This sense of community is why many families at ASA choose to give to the Halo Fund each year. They appreciate that their children are seeing the benefits of giving back being reaped in their own education each day. In other words, it’s a hands-on lesson of the benefits of generosity, and a great opportunity for those who are currently part of All Saints Academy, or have been in the past, to give back to the school. Read stories from our own families and ASA community members on our Facebook feed where we have been sharing about giving for the last several weeks.

We are proud to announce that we have 100% participation from our Trustees, Staff, and Teachers this year and are close to several classes reaching 90%. If you are interested in contributing to this year’s Halo Fund campaign, you can make a gift directly to the school here. We appreciate the generous spirit of all those who support All Saints Academy each year, and we look forward to continuing to serve the Polk County community for years to come. Let’s be #AllinforAllSaints!

Politically Correct: The Benefit of Civics in Education

As young people grow up hearing terms like “representatives”, “electoral votes” or “legislation” thrown around in casual conversation around them, they likely will not fully understand what’s being talked about until adulthood; when hopefully they choose to engage in more of our political process. It is important for us at All Saints Academy to help change the preparedness of our young people at an earlier age to more effectively understand and engage in their civic duty by exercising his or her right to vote, understand how, or why, they should participate in government and politics and how it affects no only them, but generations to come.

All Saints Academy is proud to be part of the “Civic Education Project”, a collaboration between Dr. Anne Kerr (President of Florida Southern College), Barney Barnett (Publix Super Markets, Inc.), Bill Vass (ASA Trustee), Rick Jeffries (Head of the collegiate program at Polk State College), Carolyn Baldwin (Head of School for All Saints Academy), Ryan Walsh (Associate Head of School for All Saints Academy, and other ASA team members. These professionals have brainstormed a curriculum that will incorporate civic education back into mainstream teaching, and therefore, bring about a better understanding of politics and how government works.

This project has several main goals (read more about the project here) designed to build better citizens who understand why they get to participate in democratic process and how to work alongside fellow citizens to create win-win initiatives that better the country as a whole. The program features a weekly speaker and discussion around the presented topic — a simple, yet effective approach — that provides students the opportunity to hear various perspectives from peers. The discussion requires that points be based on facts and evidence and will use a foundation of government documents (like the Constitution) instead of textbooks or interpretations. The goal of this course is to ignite a spark of respect for our country’s foundation and foster an understanding of the real political process and its importance.

We are proud to collaborate with our fellow educators at Florida Southern College and Polk State College; we anticipate great things to come!

When the Going Gets Rough, Give Back: Supporting Others Through Hurricane Relief

While we are still rebuilding from the wrath of Hurricane Irma here at All Saints Academy, we know that Polk County, while hit hard, didn’t get the worst of the storm. Our neighbors to the south, including Naples, Miami, and the Florida Keys, all suffered devastating loss and damage. Their rebuilding process will take months, or even years, and many people are still without their homes, their vehicles, or electricity. The plight of the Puerto Rican population following not only Irma, but also Hurricane Maria, has been making headlines as thousands of people are going without even the most basic of needs, like food, clean water, and formula or diapers for their little ones.

We believe that one of the biggest benefits of being part of such a great community, such as what we enjoy here in Polk County, is the ability to give back in a big way when times like this come about. Even as we rebuild here in our own area, we have the opportunity to help others come back from devastation and loss, and offer a little bit of support in return for all of the assistance and love we’ve been given from those around us in the recent weeks. How?

You have plenty of options! We know that many local schools and churches are currently taking up donations of food, clothing, diapers, basic hygiene needs, and more to ship off to the southern portion of Florida or all the way down into the islands, especially Puerto Rico. Lots of emergency relief teams are dispatching groups of volunteers to help aid in the crisis, so if “getting your hands dirty” is more of your style, and you have the means and time to go, this is a great way to give back. You also have the option of simply giving money through organizations like local relief groups, the Red Cross, or your own private church ministries or community programs. The possibilities are many, and the need is great.

Here in our own school community at ASA, we are actively working on “Pack the Bus for Puerto Rico”. This is an opportunity for each grade level at All Saints Academy to help with a specific need being faced by those in Puerto Rico, and help us literally pack the bus with supplies to send southward to offer relief and assistance. Your child’s teacher will be able to offer information about which specific supplies they are requesting their students bring, and we’ll be sure to post updates as we pack the bus and prepare to send it off.

Another way we were able to give back here at ASA is on a more local level. Our Homecoming Clothing drive accepted donations from many All Saints families, and we were glad to provide formal wear for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend their homecoming celebrations. Homecoming is an important part of the school experience, and we were thankful to help students, who lost everything else in the aftermath of the hurricane, attend their own school’s event.

Whether giving back in our own backyard, or heading to another territory altogether, we are thankful to be part of the Polk County community, and our local neighbors never cease to amaze us with their resiliency, and their giving hearts. We look forward to rebuilding together following our own hurricane crisis, while still giving back to those whose situation is even worse than our own. Let us remember to be the good we want to see in the world around us, by giving back in what ways we can just as others have given to us.

Kickoff BBQ 2017: Building Community One Plate at A Time

Our annual Booster Club Kickoff BBQ is tomorrow night, Friday September 22nd, and we can’t wait to see everyone for good times, great food, and some friendly competition at the football game following the cookout (Go Saints!). We are starting things off at 5:00PM and you won’t want to be late! While we are looking forward to the food certainly, the fellowship with fellow ASA families and faculty, alumni, and people throughout the Polk County community is what we are most excited about. Events such as our Kickoff BBQ are a great time to enjoy the togetherness that makes All Saints Academy so special, and following recent events with Hurricane Irma and her resulting devastation, there is no better time to celebrate those that rallied around our school to give us a hand up as we all attempt to rebuild together.

The Kickoff BBQ isn’t just a “cookout”, but rather, is a catered event thanks to the Terrace Hotel in Lakeland. They have been so generous to provide the food for this year’s BBQ, and have been so helpful in making sure the evening is successful. Plates will include some delicious options, and tickets are still being sold on campus, so snag yours before they sell out! You don’t want to lose out on this event.

Following the BBQ is the Saints vs. Bulldogs game here on the ASA campus, so purchase your tickets for that as well and continue the fun and fellowship inside the stadium! After a great dinner, you’ll be ready to cheer them on as they try to pull out a victory for All Saints Academy. Note: the tickets to the game are NOT included in price of the BBQ tickets, and must be purchased separately. The game starts at 7PM so you have plenty of time to enjoy the BBQ and still get great seats for the football action.

Thank you to all who have made this event possible this year, as we rebuild from Hurricane Irma and continue forward with our local community here in Central Florida. We as a school have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from not only our ASA families and faculty, but by those in and around our area who aren’t directly involved with our school on a daily basis. This support is how we can make tomorrow night’s event happen, and we are grateful beyond words.

See you at the BBQ!

Aftermath: How Hurricane Irma Affected Our ASA Community

Hurricane Irma has come and gone, and she left a massive amount of destruction in her wake across the entire state of Florida. Here in Polk County, heavy rains and severe winds were felt, and resulted in downed trees, broken power poles (and loss of electricity for many of us) and, in some areas, flooding. The campus here at All Saints Academy did not escape these effects from the storm, and we have been working hard to clean up and rebuild so we can welcome our students back to class on Wednesday.

While working hard to clean up and restore our school, there are obviously a variety of hardships, from lack of air conditioning and drying out flood waters, to heavy lifting of tree branches and other debris left scattered around the grounds; however, something beautiful has come out among the hardships that is shining brighter than any of the negativity.

Through the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we are seeing our community here in Polk County blossom. People are putting their differences aside, and neighbors are helping neighbors. Local businesses are opening their doors for those without AC to come in and enjoy some cool air and a hot meal. Churches are sending out volunteer teams to clean up properties of those who can’t clean up for themselves. People are opening their homes to those who need a place to shelter while houses are rebuilt and restored. Across the Central Florida area people are stepping up and reaching out to others, because we were all in this storm together. We encourage our ASA families to do the same as we all work hard to get back to normal life following Irma. Sharing our time, our energy, and our resources to be the good we want to see in the world is the very essence of what we try to teach our students at All Saints, and this is a wonderful time to turn that education into action. Even the youngest students can help hand out waters, help a neighbor rake leaves, or simply make cards for those who need a word of encouragement. No amount of help is too small as we pull together and show just how strong Florida can be.

We are so proud to be part of the Polk County community and look forward to seeing how we can help those around us rebuild, starting within our own campus gates. We can’t wait to see our students and teachers back on campus next week, and we are ready to make the 2017-2018 school year our best year yet. Thank you to all who have come out and helped in and around Polk County, from linemen who travelled across multiple states to help restore our power, to those volunteers who are working on our very own campus to make it ready for classes to begin again. We appreciate your hard work more than we can say.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to get out and look for ways to help as we prepare to return to classes next week.

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