Happy New Year to all of our ASA students, families, and staff! We are excited to see what 2018 holds for all of us here at All Saints Academy, and we want to encourage our students to think of this year as a time for a fresh start. This is a wonderful time for setting new goals, trying new things, and putting your best foot forward as we begin our second semester. We wanted to share a few habits to incorporate into your new year to make it your best yet:

  • Set up a new routine: Sometimes, a fresh start needs nothing more than a few adjustments to your schedule. Getting up 30 minutes earlier than you did last semester could be exactly what you need to make sure you can begin your day with a good breakfast, plenty of time to prepare for school, and much less stress than a rushed schedule caused by sleeping too late. Ensuring that you get enough rest is important too, so keeping a consistent and reasonably early bedtime is another great way to kick off the spring semester in the right way.
  • Branch out and try something new: While it’s great to have sports, clubs, and activities in which you are comfortable and experienced, there’s much to be gained by exploring new opportunities. This could be your year to step forward and try out for a new sport, pick up a new instrument, or join a new club. You never know what talents and skills might be revealed!
  • Be proactive and have a plan: Creating a plan and setting goals is key to building a framework for success, whether they be academic, personal, or (in the case of our graduating Seniors) professional. Take the time to write down your goals and place them where they will be a frequent reminder to keep you motivated as the semester progresses.
  • Reach out and expand your social circle: We are excited to have several new students join the All Saints Academy family this semester. Look for opportunities to get to know our newest Saints and encourage them to join in the many aspects of life at ASA.

We look forward all that the coming year holds for each of our students. All Saints Academy families know that faculty and staff are here to work alongside each student to ensure success on all levels, and we make it our own personal goal to see each child achieve his or her highest potential both in the classroom and out in the world.

Let’s make 2018 the best year yet at All Saints Academy!