Creative problem solving, ​innovation, ​and collaboration ar​e​ important parts of the curriculum at All Saints Academy. ​Our students ​are challenged ​to carefully consider all angles of a problem and brainstorm multiple solutions both in and out of the classroom, and we ​encourage them to work with ​their peers to get a well-rounded perspective and diverse opinions when ​exploring these solutions. Few things embody this more though than our partnership with NuVu​​ ​and our Innovation Studio coursework for high school students.

NuVu​​, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is by their own definition, a “full-time innovation school” for students of middle and high school age. They teach their students how to understand and participate in the full creative process, from the very beginning when an idea is sparked, to completion of the prototypes​, through the final presentation of their product. ​They do this through collaboration with other students, and offering “studios” rather than courses, where students work with coaches on solving open-ended questions. They give students large chunks of time to work through their ideas, rather than breaking the work into short, one-hour segments like ​a​ ​traditional class ​model. Throughout the process, NuVu students are creating a digital portfolio, which will serve them well as part of a college resume.

​Last year, ​All Saints Academy unveiled our own ​dedicated ​space for our NuVu partnership, in ​creating ​the Baldwin Center for Innovation and Collaboration. Our “Maker Space” was even featured in a write-up by the Winter Haven Chamber, and ​gives our students a place to take their ideas from a simple concept to a fully-developed, tangible product that is able to be used by its intended audience. Named after our Head of School, Carolyn Baldwin, ​whose vision established the partnership with NuVu, the space offers access to multiple 3D printers, high-end Mac computers equipped with CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, and a laser-cutting machine. There is also common space for students to meet and participate in discussion while collaborating on their topic’s potential solutions, and a variety of studio workspace and materials at the students’ disposal.

If all of this creativity interests you, we’d love to invite you ​join us at the upcoming Innovation Studio Exhibition, on December 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM​, beginning in the Pou Chapel​. The exhibition will showcase the work our 9-12th grade students completed in our Innovation Studio this ​semester, and will give you an opportunity to see how ​transformational the NuVu partnership has been for our school. We can’t wait to see how​ our students use​ the skills ​mastered in ​their Innovation Studio as they graduate and head out into the world.