As young people grow up hearing terms like “representatives”, “electoral votes” or “legislation” thrown around in casual conversation around them, they likely will not fully understand what’s being talked about until adulthood; when hopefully they choose to engage in more of our political process. It is important for us at All Saints Academy to help change the preparedness of our young people at an earlier age to more effectively understand and engage in their civic duty by exercising his or her right to vote, understand how, or why, they should participate in government and politics and how it affects no only them, but generations to come.

All Saints Academy is proud to be part of the “Civic Education Project”, a collaboration between Dr. Anne Kerr (President of Florida Southern College), Barney Barnett (Publix Super Markets, Inc.), Bill Vass (ASA Trustee), Rick Jeffries (Head of the collegiate program at Polk State College), Carolyn Baldwin (Head of School for All Saints Academy), Ryan Walsh (Associate Head of School for All Saints Academy, and other ASA team members. These professionals have brainstormed a curriculum that will incorporate civic education back into mainstream teaching, and therefore, bring about a better understanding of politics and how government works.

This project has several main goals (read more about the project here) designed to build better citizens who understand why they get to participate in democratic process and how to work alongside fellow citizens to create win-win initiatives that better the country as a whole. The program features a weekly speaker and discussion around the presented topic — a simple, yet effective approach — that provides students the opportunity to hear various perspectives from peers. The discussion requires that points be based on facts and evidence and will use a foundation of government documents (like the Constitution) instead of textbooks or interpretations. The goal of this course is to ignite a spark of respect for our country’s foundation and foster an understanding of the real political process and its importance.

We are proud to collaborate with our fellow educators at Florida Southern College and Polk State College; we anticipate great things to come!