If you attended a private school (like All Saints Academy) during your high school years, or headed off to a large, state university when it was time for college, chances are you are part of a group of alumni for some organization. Being an alumnus for some simply means having graduated from a particular school or college, but it actually means so much more, especially if you attended ASA. As we approach our upcoming Alumni BBQ in October, we are reflecting on all our treasured ASA students, both present and past. Whether a recent graduate who’s enjoying their first semester in university this Fall, or a former student who has gone on to accomplish great things in their career, being part of the ASA alumni is something to be proud of. This status also comes with many benefits, a couple of which are…

Better Resume. Students from ASA often have extensive resumes before they ever graduate high school. From field-specific experiences and trips, to volunteer work in their selected degree, our high schoolers know that what they do now affects what they’ll be able to do later. College is an extension of how they carry themselves during their final years at ASA. When it’s time to build their resume following college and they are applying for their first job, our graduates can often list some of their experiences from their days spent here as enhancements for their work in university. Even if their high school experiences aren’t directly related to their degree field, the multiple opportunities they enjoy do help extensively when it’s time to apply for college. ASA currently has a 100% college acceptance rate, and our students get into many of the top universities in the country prepared to handle the work load and perform with flying colors.

Better Opportunities. When you are part of the ASA family, it follows you far beyond graduation. Our students build a network with students who have gone ahead, and students who are coming behind, which can make a difference when entering the work force. Previous ASA students who have gone on to build their dreams will likely be apt to hire fellow Saints for internships, openings in their company, etc. Students who are still in high school can look to recent graduates for advice in choosing a college, preparing for the transition, and making the most of time spent there. There are always benefits to networking with professionals of all ages, and it can lead to better opportunities in the long run.

If you have any questions about how you can be involved with ASA after graduation, please contact Chris Pearce who is our new Director of Alumni Affairs. We hope to see all of our ASA alumni at the upcoming BBQ event. We look forward to catching up with you, learning how you’re using your education, and where life has taken you so far. We are proud of our reputation here in Polk County, and how our students have taken that reputation far beyond Florida’s borders and into the world at large, and we can wait to see how those ripples continue to grow.