Excitement is buzzing here on the All Saints Academy campus, because this week is our first day back for the 2017-2018 school year! For returning students, we’re sure you have already checked off your lists for supplies, uniforms, and even athletic equipment. Some of you may have even started your team practices or had club meetings already. We have a few tips to help you give your child the best start possible to a successful school year:

  • Adjust to an earlier bedtime. If you don’t already, aim to have your child in bed by no later than 8:30 on a school night if possible. If you have a bedtime close to this already, you shouldn’t have to do much to prep for the start of the school year, but if your young student is used to a late summer bedtime, begin transitioning to an earlier time in increments. Shoot for 10 minutes earlier, then 20, and so forth until you work your way back to a reasonable time. Adequate rest equals more success for students of all ages.
  • Attend any orientations offered so your child can meet his or her teacher(s), see their classroom, and begin to feel comfortable in the environment at school. If allowed, take photos of the classroom when you go for a preview, so you can look at them repeatedly with your child at home and talk about what their days will be like at school. Being prepared verbally AND visually can help reduce anxiety, especially for young children.
  • Make their first day something special to look forward to. Many families have first day of school traditions. Make yours something your student will look forward to. This could be a small gift, a special breakfast, or a treat in their lunchbox.
  • An old fashioned note in your child’s backpack or lunchbox is never a bad idea. Even older students can use a word of encouragement on the first day of school, and it helps you feel not so far away. For young children, a simple note (or even a drawn picture!) is a great idea. For older students, just knowing you’re thinking of them can be a huge boost in their day.

We can’t wait to see all of our students, old and new, on campus this week at ASA. We are ready to make this the BEST school year yet!