STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) implementation is a huge part of the curriculum here at All Saints Academy.  From our youngest preschoolers in our Early Childhood classes, to our graduating seniors, STEAM is incorporated into education at ASA as much as possible.  We believe this attributes to our students becoming thinkers and lifelong learners, and we are excited to see how we can further incorporate these subjects into our upcoming school year.  However, we love to encourage our families to keep the learning going at home during the summer as well.

The best part of STEAM learning is that no pencils are required!  There are plenty of ways to keep your kids learning and discovering at home while having FUN.  Ideas include:

Get Slimed.  Kids of all ages are enjoying the slime trend.  From “fluffy slime” to oozing goo, this activity is not only great for sensory play with younger students, but is also a great way to introduce the science behind a chemical reaction.  Recipes for slime vary, and depending on the ages of your children, some ingredients may need to be avoided. Research to find one that works for you and get slimed!

LEGO!  Kids love Legos (and so do adults) but did you know they are more than a toy? LEGO bricks are a wonderful way to incorporate technology and engineering into your student’s playtime this summer.  Have your child brainstorm an idea, draw out a plan, and get building!  The internet has plenty of ideas to get you started, like a LEGO zip-line for your child’s favorite mini figure, or a catapult that can launch small items all the way across the room.  The possibilities are endless with a bucket of LEGOs and a little bit of imagination.

Encourage Creativity.  Art is an important part of learning, and there are plenty of ways to let your students express themselves at home during summer vacation.  Offer a variety of materials for creating, including drawing/painting supplies, clay for sculpture, instruments for music discovery, or recorded music for movement and dance.  Consider visiting local art exhibits or going to a concert over the break to expose your child to art of different types and spark their creativity!

Number Crunching.  Math doesn’t just mean equations, pencils, and paper.  Work math into everyday fun this summer with your kids.  From helping in the kitchen with cooking and baking, to a simple trip to the grocery store, there are many ways to incorporate math skills and problem solving into your regular routine.  Your child will be enjoying “break” time but still practicing their schoolwork!

We hope this will encourage you to continue the STEAM learning at home with your children this summer.  We can’t wait to see what our students have learned when they return for the 2017-2018 school year!