FullSizeRender.jpgMemorial Day is coming up, and with that comes all things red, white, and blue.  While the parties, parades, and picnics are fun, it’s important to remember why we celebrate this holiday in the first place.  One of the best ways to remind yourself, and those around you, about the importance of Memorial Day is by recognizing those who have served. This is particularly important if you know someone personally who has served, or has been directly impacted by the military service.  Recently we were privileged to witness a heartwarming homecoming of SMSGT Danielle Holbert (mom of ASA students Ryan and Braylee Holbert) right here on the All Saints Campus!  She was home on a 3-week break from her one-year tour in South Korea, and surprised here kids at school!  Moments like this are great reminders of why it’s so important to recognize our military personnel and the sacrifices they make.

So, how can you show appreciation for those who protect our country?  Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Letters of Appreciation.

A subtle way to recognize those who have served in any capacity is to write out your thanks!  A simple note to tell them that you honor and appreciate the sacrifice they made is a great way to make sure they don’t go unnoticed on Memorial Day.  Don’t forget a note to anyone you know who has lost a close loved one (like a spouse or a child) to military service.  They have sacrificed for our nation as well.  Even the youngest students can practice their writing and drawing skills to make pictures or cards for veterans and their families.

Appreciation Breakfast/Lunch.

If you know several veterans, consider having a special breakfast or lunch to honor them.  This could be a great class service project, or even something done by a family.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but the fact that you are wiling to publicly recognize their service goes a long way!  Only know one serviceman or veteran? Consider having a breakfast or lunch for him/her and their close family.  After all, like we said above, their families sacrificed during their time spent in service too!

Pay It Forward.

Another great way to recognize our servicemen and women at this time of year is to give back!  Making a donation in their name to Wounded Warriors, or other veteran support resources is a wonderful thank-you to our military.  Let them know what you did with a note or a printout of the donation.  This could, again, be a class service project.  Have students collect coins and loose change, or send a note home to parents to give them the opportunity to contribute as well!  We are sure this will make any veteran recognized feel appreciated AND you’ll be assisting others just like them as they return home from service.

Whether it’s a grandparent, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, neighbor, or simply someone you pass on the street, don’t forget to thank those who have sacrificed for our country this Memorial Day.  All Saints Academy extends our thanks and appreciation to those in our Polk County community and beyond who have served our military in any capacity, and we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day from ASA!