The 2016-2017 school year is almost over, and here at All Saints Academy students in the lower school and upper school are enjoying end-of-the-year activities, finishing up lessons, and working hard to do well on their last tests and exams.  Older students are feeling the pressure of finals, and while we know they are all more than capable of doing an exceptional job on any academic test thrown their way, we understand that these tests can be stressful or cause some anxiety.  When you pair this with long hours spent studying, students can quickly become drained and that can affect not only their mental abilities, but their physical ones as well.

We want to see our students head into summer with plenty of energy and a clean bill of health, and self care is an important part of that!  Here are some tips for staying at your best in the midst of final exams and end-of-the-school-year busyness.

1. Drink plenty of water!  Staying hydrated is key, all day every day.  If permitted, keep a bottle of water with you throughout classes and exams, and make it a personal goal to drink a minimum of the recommended 64 ounces each day.  Your body will thank you!
2. Brain food isn’t the only food you need.  Skipping meals to study or living off of granola bars won’t get you very far.  Opt for healthy, filling breakfast choices to give you a great start to the day, and attempt to eat small meals or healthy snacks every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar up and your energy high.
3. Rest, rest, rest.  We can’t stress the necessity of getting plenty of sleep enough.  While studying is important, staying up all night in the books will adversely affect your test-taking skills and could cause more harm in the long run.  Aim for a (relatively) early bedtime and aim for no less than 7 hours of sleep if possible.
4. Relax.  Whether you enjoy going for a run, reading a good book (for pleasure), or simply spending time with friends, take time for yourself and relax during the period of test taking this year.  If you focus on other things outside of your schoolwork, in moderation of course, you will be giving your brain a much-needed break and that can help a lot with exams of all kinds.
We hope these tips offer some help as you head into the end of the year!  The same rules apply for parents, since we know you are behind your student 100% and will be just as busy as they are during these last weeks of school and extracurricular activities.  Let’s finish the year strong at ASA!