Summer break is right around the corner here at All Saints Academy, and once school ends, the fun of traveling, relaxation, and making memories with your family begins!   However, if you aren’t prepared ahead of time, summer break can easily be frustrating due to a change in routine and lack of structure.  You can avoid this headache by establishing a loose “game plan” for your break, so you stay on top of vacation instead of heading back to school in the fall more exhausted than you were at the beginning of summer!

Here are our top 3 tips for planning ahead for summer break 2017:

  1. Organize your calendar. Whether you use a digital calendar or app on your phone, or an old-fashioned desk calendar, making sure that your days/times/appointments are written down in one place makes it much easier to plan out your summer. For example, you don’t want to plan a 2 week trip when you have long-awaited dentist appointments scheduled for your kids. Additionally, activities like summer camps and travels need to be mapped out carefully so as not to interfere with each other, or with the first day of school starting back up in the fall.
  2. Continue learning at home! Just because school is over for summer, your child’s education is not. Enhance your child’s learning with educational camps (such as those offered here at ASA), art classes, music lessons, educational trips, etc. Also, encourage daily reading for your kids. They can choose the materials (as long as they are challenging and at least on grade level) but require a minimum amount of time spend in books each day. This will keep their brains engaged and will make the transition back to school at the end of summer much easier.
  3. Make a bucket list! At the beginning of summer break, have each of your children make a bucket list for what they’d like to accomplish over the coming weeks. They could be simple, individual goals (like perfecting their free-throw, or beating their own running time) or an activity for the whole family (like a trip or a local outing), but take the time to sit down and discuss each child’s list as a group. While you might not accomplish every single item on each list, you can condense the lists down to one master family list, and work hard to check off the items over your summer break. It prevents boredom, and builds relationships within your family!

While we know it’s hard to stay engaged when summer is this close at hand, we encourage our students, faculty, and parents to finish the school year strong! We are so proud of our ASA students and all they have accomplished this school year, and we can’t wait to see what you do over the summer!