A Message from Father Rick during this Holy Week:

“Hallelujah Christ is Risen!  This two thousand year old greeting celebrates two world changing realities!  One, that Jesus/Yeshua is the long promised Lamb of God who takes away the sin of all humanity, including yours and mine… SO that Life that He had within himself and with the Father and Spirit, are now yours to learn how to live in.  Secondly, when He died, I died.  When he arose, someone new arose in me as well!  So, we get to explore what it feels and looks like for us to THINK, LOVE, PROBLEM SOLVE and CREATE FROM the ONE within.  This personal transformation remakes us to partner with the inner Presence and with each other to demonstrate heaven on earth…a very blessed Passover for all of us!”

What This Holiday Means for Our School…

With Easter break this long weekend, many of us who observe the Easter holiday appreciate this time with a sense of remembrance and thankfulness for what Easter Sunday and the week leading up to it represent for us personally.  While not everyone practices Easter for religious reasons, many of us here celebrate the holiday as a time to gather with family and enjoy traditions and time together, whether it be time spent dressing in your best and going to a church service followed by a lunchtime feast, or simply a Sunday brunch and egg hunt for the little ones (or big ones!).  At ASA, our school’s Episcopal heritage means our students learned about Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday in our weekly chapel services and numerous classroom lessons. Visiting our Lower School, you will find the walls adorned with activities representing the meaning behind this special week. Our Upper School students have spent time discussing and studying these topics in some of their classes and in our chapel services as well. We are thankful for the opportunity to share in this time of learning altogether as a school body.
Our hopes are that your Easter Break will be a time of rest and reflection, and you will return to school refreshed and ready to finish the school year strong!