All Saints Academy is known throughout Central Florida for our pursuit of excellence in education by including the arts, science, technology, and intense mathematics into our rigorous curriculum from PreSchool through Twelfth Grade.  Our focus on excellence in every area of learning also includes our Athletics Department (found here), and we encourage our student-athletes to compete not against one another, but against themselves.  Our goal is for every young person to achieve his/her personal best as a student, an athlete, and a citizen in our society.

This encouragement brings about success in many areas, recently evidenced when our ASA football team won the state championships for our division here in Florida.  Our student-athletes regularly advance to district, regional, and state competitions and receive accolades and recognition for individual and team achievements.  Accomplishments like these not only benefit our school, but also each member of the team.  Winning games, qualifiers, and championships leads to being noticed by colleges and that has turned into scholarship opportunities for several of our student-athletes.

The key point we want our student-athletes to understand is that even their sporting abilities and gifts can be used to benefit those around them, and that pursuing their own personal best extends beyond a field or a court and will impact the rest of their lives.  We encourage all of our students to show support for one another and synergize whenever possible.  A great example of this idea is our upcoming Green-to-Green-Challenge.  This fun golf scramble allows our athletic department, students, and community to come together for a greater cause.  The tournament will raise money in support of our Athletic Department, and allow ASA to continue to provide top of the line equipment for our teams.  Our student-athletes, families, and YOU can play a part by supporting and/or participating in this event.

If you have questions about the athletics here at ASA, or would like to know more about our upcoming golf tournament, feel free to contact Coach Rob Hollway!  Thank you to all of our student-athletes and their families who spend hours on the road, in the bleachers, and on the field to make our school successful.

Go Saints!