church-304637__340Today is “Ash Wednesday,” and thus begins the season of Lent.  We celebrated “Shrove Tuesday” with yesterday’s pancake breakfast at ASA in the Lower School Gathering Room, and we enjoyed a time of feasting before giving up pleasure and excess for the coming weeks of Lent.  Here at All Saints Academy, we try to focus on Lent as a time of self-introspection and bettering oneself by giving up either physical or emotional habits.  Ash Wednesday is the time when, historically, people took the time to recognize the less-than-attractive traits in themselves, and would represent their sorrow for these things by placing a mark made with ash upon their foreheads.  From this point on, until the end of Lent at Easter, people work at removing these traits and practices from their lives.

Giving up habits during Lent isn’t always a simple as it might seem up front.  While some people do choose to give up things such as entertainment, social media, purchases, or food choices (chocolate, coffee, or any other food that they feel isn’t a positive contribution), others take a more abstract technique in deciding what to give up for Lent.  Emotional habits can be just as harmful those that are physical, yet they often get overlooked when it’s time to celebrate Lent.

What are “emotional habits?”

How about choosing to give up negative thinking, and instead embrace a positive mentality?

What about giving up judgment of others, and instead choose to think the best of those around you?

You could choose to give up focusing on differences, and instead hold onto the idea of unity of life among all of us.

Selfishness, laziness, anger, depression and despair, and countless other traits can be given up for the season of Lent.  It depends on where you struggle, and how you feel you could become better for yourself and for those around you.  All Saints Academy encourages our students to continually focus on bettering themselves academically, socially, and emotionally for the greater good of the world around us.  We look forward to growing as a school during this Lent season, and enjoying the benefits of positive changes in our lifestyle.