ballet-1790846__340In today’s education system, STEAM (a program focusing heavily on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) has become a hot topic, and it has infiltrated both public and private educational sectors alike.  STEAM has a goal of putting forth students that are competent in not only knowledge of these various subjects, but also how to apply them. After all, applied knowledge means an increased depth of learning regardless of the subject matter, and that is truly the goal of education isn’t it?

A recent development in STEAM education, essentially STEM with Arts added in, incorporates language and communication, design, creativity, etc.  Adding the arts into STEM creates a holistic approach to learning for those students that excel in dance, art, and music.  There is tremendous support in the educational sphere for adding the Arts to an original STEM system of learning.  So, what do we think about the STEAM approach for our student body?

Here at All Saints Academy, our main goal is for our students to receive a well-rounded, in-depth education.  We send our graduates out as young adults ready to think creatively, problem solve, and use knowledge gained during their time in school to change the world around them, whatever their chosen field may be.  Both STEM and art play an important role in that goal, but we know many parents have questions about how we blend these areas of learning together for their child.   We believe our students need a strong base in STEM education, and we focus heavily on giving them the skills needed in these subjects. We also have a heavy emphasis on art, with classes ranging from music to drama available for even our youngest students.  We believe that each of these areas is vital to a well-rounded education, and we also recognize that they work together to create the ultimate learning experience for children of all ages.  Scientists need to know how to communicate and write well.  Those in technology will often need creative design skills to enhance their work, etc.  In this way, the curriculum at All Saints Academy would be categorized as STEAM learning, and we feel that it best embodies our end-desire: for students to be well-thought through in every subject, and know how to apply them together in all circumstances to achieve optimum results.

If you have more questions about how we incorporate STEAM into our curriculum at ASA, or if you want to know more about how your child can be a part of the ASA family, we’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call to find out details about learning at All Saints Academy or to schedule a tour.