It’s no secret that All Saints Academy appreciates the fine arts, and more specifically, music. From our kindergarteners to our high school graduates, students at All Saints Academy are encouraged to express themselves through visual and performing arts. Our very curriculum presents the arts from an early age, with each 3rd grader learning violin with the opportunity to play the viola and cello in the 4th and 5th grades. We incorporate stringed instruments into daily studies because we believe music is an integral part of the learning experience for children of all ages. In other words, at All Saints, music matters.

Why, though, does it matter so much to us?

Music goes far beyond simply “playing” an instrument. While the sound of music is pleasant and enjoyable to listen to, learning to play an instrument offers a plethora of valuable skills for children such as:

  • fine motor skills
  • improved sound discrimination
  • improved language skills (including ability to learn foreign languages)
  • improved concentration and focus (meaning higher scores in academics)

These reasons, and many more, are why we put such an emphasis on stringed instruments here at All Saints Academy.  We believe that the investment in music today will give our students greater opportunities and aid them in their future, wherever life takes them. Many of our children go on to study music into their upper grades of education, and even into adulthood.

One of our very own alumni, Rebeccah Lipson, founded Strings in Need, a charitable organization to further aid in students being able to pursue their music education.  After realizing that children are often held back in their music due to financial limitations, she developed the vision for her non-profit.  Now, Strings in Need helps students of all cultural and economic backgrounds acquire their much-needed stringed instruments, allowing them the opportunity to continue their music studies.  You can learn more about Strings in Need here.

We here at All Saints are excited to announce another way you can get involved with Strings in Need, and can enjoy a relaxing time of music.  Our upcoming benefit concert, “Sonatas on Sunday”, featuring Scott Kluksdahl and Grigorios Zamparas, will benefit Strings in Need and help them continue their mission to help children continue their love for stringed instruments, and enjoy the benefits of music instruction, regardless of their circumstances.  The concert is this Sunday, February 19th, from 2-3pm in Pou Chapel here on the ASA campus.  We look forward to seeing you there!