Starting today, February 1, re-enrollment is open here at All Saints Academy. Essentially, this is your chance to guarantee your child’s position in their next grade level for the upcoming school year before admission opens to the public on March 1.  Consider this time the “VIP” pass for current ASA students and their families.  Early re-enrollment is important for our students for many reasons including:

Mental Security (No Wait List)

By re-enrolling your child for the next school year before admission opens to those outside of ASA, you know your student will have their coveted spot reserved for them in their needed class(es).  This means no wait list and no uncertainty of whether or not they will get in.  You have the peace of mind that the upcoming school year is settled, and you can plan accordingly.

Financial Security

Because you have the security in knowing that your family is guaranteed the needed space in ASA’s 2017-2018 classes, you can financially prepare for the year ahead.  By starting early, you can look toward costs such as uniforms, needed technology, tuition, etc. and can use this knowledge as you financially plan for the coming year.  This will lead to a much less stressful start to the school year and will mean a smoother time for you and your student(s).

Emotional Security

It might sound odd to tag emotions onto early re-enrollment; however, it is a factor in the equation.  For our young, elementary students especially, being emotionally attached and secure in a familiar place aids in the educational process.  By re-enrolling in February, your child can enjoy the feeling of knowing they will be back with their friends, teachers, and familiar spaces in the Fall — like the Outdoor Classroom, Pou Chapel, and innovation spaces — and can prepare ahead of time mentally and emotionally over the summer.  Getting ready for a new grade is stressful on students of all ages, and the uncertainty of whether or not they will be in the same environment can make it much harder on them.

We look forward to seeing all of our families here at All Saints for many years to come, so don’t miss out on early re-enrollment and your chance to secure your child’s place for next year.