By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School

This week, our nation participated in the American presidential election, and experienced the accompanying excitement and angst that occurs every four years. As we move through the coming weeks, we know our ASA community will be closely watching the national transition of power. 

While these national changes impact all of us, please remember that the vision and mission of All Saints remains unchanged. Our school is a Christian institution, welcoming families of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds who seek a mutually respectful educational experience. One of the strengths of All Saints Academy is our emphasis on character development, through accountability and responsibility.

It is always important to treat each other with respect. Whether we disagree about election results, or favor opposing football teams, or like different styles of music, we must respect our friends and community members.

We must also take responsibility for our own actions. At ASA, responsibility is one of the core beliefs in everything we do and teach. If we act inappropriately, we must accept the consequences (and we also must take steps to correct the behavior).

Happy or sad – each person has the right to his/her own emotions and reactions. We must respect those reactions. On the other hand, public reactions must be reasonable and not hurtful to other friends and community members. Again, it’s always important to treat each other with respect.

Finally, as a community – especially in times of great change or stress – it is important to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Those could be our youngest students, who don’t really understand all the commotion. The most vulnerable could be those who are most upset by the outcome, or who perceive they will be most impacted by the change. No matter what the event, no matter who is “most vulnerable,” the strength of All Saints Academy is its ability to rally as a united, inclusive, and loving community.

Although translations vary, Matthew 25:40 tells us “… Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.” Those are good words to reflect on as we move through the coming weeks and months.