By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School

Our job as a parent never really ends, but it is most challenging when our children are growing up. Babies, toddlers, and school-age children need and want far more attention, direction, and discipline than adult children. 

As parents, it is very difficult to find the appropriate balance when raising children. How much is too much? No one wants to be “that mother” who lets her child run wild in the grocery store, or “that father” who acts like a drill sergeant at every social gathering. How can we strike a balance while our children are growing up, and help create intelligent, responsible young adults?

Last month, I read an interesting Tech Insider post about 13 common ways parents set their children up for success. Some are common sense (doing chores, setting high expectations), but others may surprise you. All 13 are based on research studies and data, and the article’s links provide important food for thought for all parents.