By Frances McMichael
Director of Communications


This is an exciting time for our families, especially for parents whose children are graduating and heading off to college. When my oldest son left for college, I remember overwhelming feelings of extreme pride and sheer panic. 

Letting go is difficult for parents. After 18 years of nurturing and protecting our children, we have to let them go. Boxes are loaded in vehicles, driven to faraway institutions of higher learning, unloaded in dorm rooms, goodbyes are said, and Moms usually cry. On the lonely ride home, we wonder: “Will they be okay?”

Julie Lythcott-Haims (former Stanford University dean and author of the best-selling “How to Raise an Adult” about helicopter parenting) has a short list of 8 skills that every student should have by age 18. These skills go beyond “doing your own laundry” – although that is important too!

This summer, Class of 2016 parents will be looking for dorm room essentials like extra-long twin sheets and smart storage solutions. This is also a great time to look at our 18-year-old children and make sure they have the skill set necessary to be successful in the “outside world.”