Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School


In the days following our Innovation Studio Exhibition (April 27), I have continued to think about the amazing prototypes, projects, presentations, and performances. Our ASA students showed tremendous creativity, and I am very pleased with the large crowd of parents and friends who visited our very first Innovation Studio Exhibition.

The projects were as varied – and exciting – as our reactions to them. From the video Talking About Talking About Race, to the magic Lucite conversation box, to the rolling picnic table, to the trash dress, to the various games, to the musical playground chimes, to the public service announcements … every time I think about them, I have a “new” favorite!

This is an exciting time at All Saints Academy. Our Innovation Studio initiative means that ASA students will continue to build literacy in the New Basics*, providing the framework and skills they need to survive and thrive in college and beyond.

Innovation Studio also provides a wonderful reason to bring visitors onto our campus as guest speakers, project advisors, and individual mentors. During our Exhibition, we had many guests who previously had worked with students on their Innovation Studio projects; these adults returned to see the final results and join the festivities.

In the coming weeks and months, we will build on the success of our first Innovation Studio Exhibition and all those wonderful projects. If we had rolling picnic tables and talking conversation boxes this semester, I am eager to see what our students create next fall.

The future for innovation is exciting at All Saints!


* For All Saints Academy, the New Basics are:

  • Creative Problem-Solving: application of mixed content in novel situations
  • Collaboration: partnership and leadership
  • Innovation: creative perspective
  • Iteration: willingness to refine concepts
  • Synthesis of Critique: response to feedback
  • Empathy: sense of audience
  • Tech and Media Literacy: demonstration of skills
  • Documentation: reflection and communication, written and graphical
  • Presentation: ability to express ideas effectively to a larger audience