By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School


An important part of our school culture is the annual fall ritual when new members of our Middle School and Upper School community sign the Honor Code Ledger in Pou Chapel.

Every year, our student-led Honor Council conducts this solemn ceremony, explaining the integral role our Honor Code plays at All Saints Academy. Then, grade by grade, quiet lines of Saints add their signatures to the Ledger. There is great formality during the ceremony, which is one of my favorite traditions here at All Saints.


Our Honor Code is simple and straightforward. Honor and respect – for oneself and for others – is at its core. Each day, we strive to “inspire principled leaders.” This Honor Code is part of the road map that keeps us on track, as we prepare our students for success.


Honor Code

As a member of the ASA community, I am expected to conduct myself with honor, integrity, and with a high regard for others.  I accept full responsibility for my own actions and attitudes and agree to abide by the following code:

  • I will act honorably at all times – never lying, cheating, stealing, or plagiarizing.
  • I will abide by the rules of the code of conduct.
  • I will show concern and respect for all members of the ASA community and their property.
  • I will show concern for the school environment by helping to keep it clean and safe.
  • I will represent my school in an honorable and positive way at all times – on and off campus.
  • I will report violations of the Honor Code.

All Saints Academy is a college preparatory school with a relaxed, friendly, accessible, and supportive atmosphere in which student behavior reflects the highest standards.  All Saints Academy expects a commitment from both students and parents in upholding the values set forth by the Honor Code.