By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School

With our May 2016 Commencement ceremony just weeks away, I know our Seniors (and their parents) are thinking about that “next step.” At All Saints, our job is to make sure they are prepared.

For Seniors, that means preparing them to face the academic and social rigors of higher education. For many of our Seniors, that next step is a long-distance move to an out-of-state college or university, and students will be adjusting to fairly dramatic changes – different climates, cultural differences, living away from home for the first time. In partnership with their families, I believe we have given our ASA students the foundational tools they need to succeed in the classroom, and to make wise choices during the next few years.

We have many other Saints preparing for “next steps.” In each case, I believe ASA has provided a strong foundation for success. Two 8th grade students will be leaving for extraordinary opportunities at two prestigious boarding schools in the Northeast (Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and Andover Phillips Academy in Massachusetts). These young people will always be Saints, and we hope they visit ASA often when they are home.

Just a few weeks ago, a recent ASA graduate returned to campus to share some good news. After just one year of college, he has been awarded a summer fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. This “next step” in his education is a dream opportunity for him, further exploring his interest in bio-medical research. We are delighted to share in his excitement and success, because he will always be a Saint.

We consider every student who attends this school to be a Saint, whether that student’s attendance at All Saints Academy spans PreSchool-12, or only lasts a few years. It is our job to ensure that we give every student the best possible foundation for the “next step” in his or her life.

Eventually, every student moves on to something else. Our 5th graders move from the Bostick Campus to the 6th grade on the Hampton Campus. Seniors graduate, and leave for Harvard, or Elon, or the University of Florida, or Florida Southern College. Our college students get great jobs, or go to medical school, or graduate school, and eventually they come back to speak to younger ASA students.

At each “next step,” these Saints are relying on the strong spiritual and educational foundation provided by All Saints Academy.