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Be a Global Citizen

By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School


Whenever tragedies occur around the world or close to home, I know most of us struggle with “big” questions. How do we protect our families when seemingly random violence disrupts our world on a regular basis? What can we say or do to help our children feel safe?  Continue reading “Be a Global Citizen”

Making a Difference

By Kristin Aiken
Director of Development


This year marks a particular milestone, as we celebrate our 20th year of graduates from All Saints Academy.  Over the course of those 20 years, our campus has grown from one building (Fine Arts) and the Jack M. Berry Gymnasium, plus a healthy amount of palmettos and scrub brush, to the beautiful campus we enter each day.  Continue reading “Making a Difference”

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– poet Maya Angelou

Mad about Middle School

By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School


One day during lunch last spring, we sat outside on the patio, surrounded by tables of laughing Middle School students happily sharing French fries. Other students were darting across the lawn, throwing footballs to each other.  Continue reading “Mad about Middle School”

A New Year

By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School


This year marks an important milestone in the history of our school: We are celebrating 20 years of All Saints Academy graduates!

A few days ago, I challenged our staff to think back to a time when they were 20 years old – full of life, minds full to the brim with the promise of the future. Continue reading “A New Year”

Quiet reflection

By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School

In your quiet reflective times this summer, give these words some thought. We are all called upon to lead.

The pioneering management theorist Peter Drucker maintained that all thriving organizations require two things simultaneously: Holding firm the fundamentals of mission and values, while changing how they are implemented to meet new times.

There is an interweaving of continuity and change always present. And leaders champion both.

Our Job as Parents

By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School

Our job as a parent never really ends, but it is most challenging when our children are growing up. Babies, toddlers, and school-age children need and want far more attention, direction, and discipline than adult children.  Continue reading “Our Job as Parents”

Music and Math

By Carolyn Baldwin
Head of School


Over the years, I have frequently written about music and the important role it plays in brain development.

My friends and colleagues know that I love music, and my own children participated in church musical performances, school music classes, and private lessons. In fact, my daughter started small group piano lessons at age 3, which led to the cello in fourth grade. She still plays today, and credits the discipline she learned through music with her success in the legal profession. Continue reading “Music and Math”

Leaving the Nest

By Frances McMichael
Director of Communications


This is an exciting time for our families, especially for parents whose children are graduating and heading off to college. When my oldest son left for college, I remember overwhelming feelings of extreme pride and sheer panic.  Continue reading “Leaving the Nest”

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